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01. Pete Townshend - Won't Get Fooled Again (Acoustic)02. Off The Rails - Back to the Ground03. Ram Ram Kino - Ram Ram Rap04. Peter Fry - Good Enough for Me05. Peter Fry - Where Do You Think You Are06. Peter Fry - Working Out All the Pieces07. Peter Fry - Workin All Night08. Tony Crabtree / Jim Milne - Introduction Warm up09. Tony Crabtree / Jim Milne - Da Da Tune10. Tony Crabtree / Jim Milne - Jealous Guy11. Tony Crabtree / Jim Milne - Dimming of the Day12. Tony Crabtree / Jim Milne - Word Games13. Tony Crabtree / Jim Milne - When a Man Loves a Woman14. Spider King - Queen Eyed Dicer15. Spider King - Shot to Pieces16. Spider King - Back on the Pills17. Spider King - Time Works Away18. Spider King - Needles & Pins19. Spider King - The Day I Loved Her20. P.J. Proby - Introduction21. P.J. Proby - On That Road Again22. P.J. Proby - Uh H Good News Bad News23. P.J. Proby - Rollin on a River24. P.J. Proby - Play the Hill25. The High Fiv - Children of Change26. Les Gray / Mud - We're Going to Lose It27. Les Gray / Mud - Oh Boy28. Les Gray / Mud - One Night29. Les Gray / Mud - Cat Crept In30. Les Gray / Mud - Tiger Feet31. The Membranes - R I Fish Eye32. The Membranes - Punk Out Number33. The Membranes - Different Eye34. The Membranes - Punk Explosion35. The Membranes - Kill the Phone36. Cook Da Books - Teenage Kicks37. Cook Da Books - Golden Age38. Cook Da Books - Good Temptation39. Cook Da Books - Stop This Mess40. Cook Da Books - I Know Better41. Cook Da Books - She Wont Touch Him42. Cook Da Books - She's Got a Big Heart43. Bad Manners - Warm Up Intro44. Bad Manners - Just a Feeling45. Bad Manners - Wooly Bully46. Bad Manners - My Boy Lollipop47. Bad Manners - Tie Me Up48. Bad Manners - In Love for the First Time49. Bad Manners - Afro Chant Bongo Rant50. Bad Manners - Feel For You51. Bad Manners - Sun Comes Through the Door52. Bad Manners - Walkin in the Sunshine53. Bad Manners - Hampton Court54. Bad Manners - Special Brew55. Bad Manners - Ee'ow56. Bad Manners - Lip Up Fatty57. Bad Manners - The Can-Can

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